Among Us Mod for iOS 2022 (Version2022.4.19) free Download

Among Us mod menu can be played on iPhones or iPad. To play this game for iOS you should first download the game on your iPad. Among us is totally free for iOS but its different features like the skin of various players can be changed. You can purchase these features because it is not free.

Among Us for iOS

Gameplay for Among Us for iOS

  • Open skins
  • Speed x7
  • Mod Menu
  • Open pets and caps
  • Wide range of light
  • Speed x10

Three Mod adaptations are reachable at Among us (MOD V1, MOD V2, MOD V3)

About the game

Among Us MOD APK is a  Different multiplayer game. This game allows 3 to 10 players to play at one time. Decoration of this game has become famous due to its popularity of this game. Among us has a sound system to amuse and to win the game. The game is set as a spaceship, you with your team members are given tasks or assignments, and different players need to find out the imposter and try to kick him out of the game before the imposter kills every one of the players to win.

Download Among Us

How to install among us for iOS

  1. Among us iOS is completely free, you can install it on your iPad from the app play store.
  2. First of all, just go to the DOWNLOAD button, and then click on the Download button.
  3. The game will be installed on iOS.
  4. Now you can play the game full of interest and it is a great pleasure playing the game due to its interesting features.
  5. It is quite simple as for android or PC.


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To play this game every player has given various tasks. You can invite your friends to enjoy the game because it is a multiplayer game. Two teams play their roles of crewmates and imposters. Both teams are assigned different tasks, they have to complete their tasks and work hard to win the game.

The role of the imposter is to mix with players and destroy crew members with force using strategies and by doing hard work. The role of crew members is to complete their tasks and get separated from pretenders.


I hope you find this article very helpful for downloading among us for iOS. Invite your friends to play this game with you and enjoy it. You will love this experience. If you find any difficulty in installing the do tell us in the comment section. It will be a great pleasure to help you