Among Us Godzilla MOD How to play & Downloading information

The Role of Godzilla Mod in Among Us MOD APK allows the Impostor to change into Godzilla. They can use new powers motivated by the popular reptilian beast.

A significant number of the most famous Among Us mods give Impostors new jobs and powers they can use to best the crewmates.

These mods can be uneven, showing the result for an Impostor and making Among Us less about the friendly derivation and more about tolerance against the enemy. Choices have included current frightfulness symbols like Slender Man and famous animals like Vampires or even an enormous T-Rex.

among us godzilla mod


Presently, another challenger has shown up as an amazingly popular kaiju Godzilla. The Godzilla vs Kong mod for Among Us was made for decoration and content maker SSundee and companions and permits the Impostor to transform into the ruler of the beasts.

Powers of Among Us Godzilla impostors

The Godzilla mod awards Impostors four new powers:

Shockwave, Throw, Atomic Breath, and Acid Pool. Shockwave is utilized to paralyze, while Throw, Atomic Breath, and Acid Pool are elective ways of killing.

Among Us Imposter Godzilla MOD can likewise develop into their Giant Form to see the full guide from a good way and better objective their assaults to threaten Among Us crewmates. This is the way to play the Godzilla Impostor Role Mod in Among Us.

Among Us Godzilla Kong


They have the choice to change into the goliath reptile, practically any time they need. While in Godzilla structure, the Impostor will actually want to use an assortment of new capacities:


Godzilla yells and paralyzes crewmates set up, forestalling development for a brief time frame. Helpful when joined with Acid Pool.

Among us Godzilla MOD


Godzilla gets a crewmate and spikes them into the ground like a football, killing them and forestalling other crewmates from detailing the body.

Corrosive Pool:

Godzilla can spit a pool of slime that consumes and kills crewmates.

Goliath Form:

Godzilla develops to monstrous size and can see the entire guide and focus on any crewmates.

Nuclear Breath:

Only available in Giant Form; Godzilla can shoot a bar from his mouth to cut crewmates trapped in its way fifty-fifty.
The Godzilla Mod points up bearing over finishing responsibilities or social derivation, yet this offers crewmates more than adequate chance to see who of the gathering generally is by all accounts absent or not seen by any other person when Godzilla assaults.

When it ends up being unmistakable who Godzilla is, crewmates can rapidly remove that player regardless figure out how to dominate the match. Along these lines, Impostors should be slippery and make a point to change out of their Godzilla structure and be seen with other crewmates often, or outline another crewmate, to keep away from doubt.

The Among Us Godzilla Role Mod was customized by @LooKuM/MRE for SSundee and his companions and is at present not accessible for public download. Different performances have likewise been modified for different substance makers.

Players might have karma getting into a game that utilizes this mod by joining a server that has it introduced. It is additionally possible that, given its fame, other modders will ultimately program an adaptation of this mod and make it possible for more extensive use.