Among Us Arena (Fighting Game) How To Download & Play Online

Among Us Arena is a new Fighting Game Fanmade inspired by Among Us, which can be downloaded to play online from PC (Windows only) against other players. Although it looks like a fairly simple game, the truth is that it contains is quite complete for being only its first release, as it contains different game modes, as well as 5 different skills for the characters.

As you can imagine, in Among Us Arena all the characters are identical, the only difference between players being the color of their impostor. Therefore, the two players will have the same skills available, which will equalize the battle as much as possible (although for a future update it would be nice to include the possibility to choose from a menu of skills).

among us arena

One of the main attractions of Among Us APK is undoubtedly the option that allows us to play online with any friend in 1v1 without many complications. We will only have to make sure we have the same version as our friend (as there are different versions depending on the region).


Among Us Arena skills

To deal damage to your enemy, you will have 5 different skills. Each one applies different damage to our opponent, plus some of them can displace him. These are the 5 available skills.

  • Light: Light punch.
  • Heavy: Higher power punch.
  • Grab: This allows you to grab the opponent.
  • Gun: Will shoot with the gun, is the skill that does the most damage to the enemy.
  • Affects at long range.
  • Knife: Will stick the knife, being the second skill with more years. It affects only at close range.

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How to play and Download Among Us Arena (Tips & Tricks)

  • To access any game, whether local or online, people often have trouble knowing which key to press (as it’s not intuitive, really). You will have to select the color you want to use and press the T key (assigned by default) to continue the game.
  • It is advisable to take a look at the controls and customize them to your liking since all keys can be reassigned to the key that suits us.


among us arena

Among Us Arena (Fighting Game) for PC

The game is totally free, as it is Fanmade and has no relation with InnerSloth, the original creators of Among Us for iOS. You must download the version you are most interested in depending on the region where you reside:

How to do Combos in Among Us Arena (Tips & Tricks)

As you can see in the following video, the game allows us to perform combos, which make the opponent unable to react while we deal large amounts of damage. Some of the skills will displace our opponent for a period of time, allowing us to deliver more hits consecutively. If we also make sure that some of these hits stun and displace the enemy again, which will allowed us to continue with the combo.